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BOE Agenda May 2016

Updated 5/12/2016 

                Added 5/12/2016

                 Updated/Added 5/16/2016


                                            May 11, 2016


Dear Board of Education,

Your regular monthly meeting will be held on Monday, May 16, 2016, at 7:00 p.m. at the Renwick District Office.


A.  Recognition of Achievements

          Recognitions of the following retirees:

                  Jolene Spexarth – 6 years in the Transportation Department and 7 years in the Food Service Department

                  Sandra Yenchesky – 19 years as a Teacher

                  Gayle McMahon – 19 years as a Teacher

                   Philip Atkinson – 25 years as a Teacher

B.   Patron/Staff Who Requested Permission to Address the Board:  None this evening.                       

C.  District Office Reports

     Capital Outlay Summer Projects List

D.  Adopt Agenda

E.  Adopt Consent Agenda

a.Warrant Register – April 2016

     Clerk & Treasurer

     Check History

     Checks with Accounts

b.Minutes – Regular:  April 18, 2016

c.Personnel   /   Employment Addition

d.Supplemental Contract

e.Out-of-District Students

f.Out-of-State Travel

g.Student Handbooks:  AES   /   AHS   /    GPES   /    SMES   /   CES   /   GPHS

     AES Changes   /   AHS Changes   /   GPES Changes   /   SMES Changes

     CES Changes   /   GPHS Changes

h.Acceptable Use Of Technology Agreement Guideline

(For Board Policies i. through jj., please refer to the April 2016 agenda.)

i.Board Policy:  GAAA – Equal Employment Opportunity and Non-Discrimination   Action.

j.Board Policy:  GBRF – Student and Parent Conferences   Action.

k.Board Policy:  JA – Goals and Objectives   Action.

l.Board Policy:  JB – Attendance Records   Action.

m.Board Policy:  JBC – Enrollment   Action.

n.Board Policy:  JCABB – Searches of Students   Action.

o.Board Policy:  JCDB – Dress Code   Action.

p.Board Policy:  JDD – Suspension and Expulsion Procedures   Action.

q.Board Policy:  JFB – Promotion and Retention   Action.

r.Board Policy:  JGA – Student Insurance Program   Action.

s.Board Policy:  JGC – Health Assessments and Physicals   Action.

t.Board Policy:  JGCA – Local Wellness   Action.

u.Board Policy:  JGCB – Inoculations   Action.

v.Board Policy:  JGCBA – Automated External Defibrillators   Action.

w.Board Policy:  JGCC – Communicable Diseases   Action.

x.Board Policy:  JGD – Student Psychological Services   Action.

y.Board Policy:  JGFB – Supervision of Students   Action.

z.Board Policy:  JGFG – Student Accidents   Action.

aa.Board Policy:  JGG – Transportation   Action.

bb.Board Policy:  JHC – Student Organizations   Action.

cc.Board Policy:  JHCA – Student Publications   Action.

dd.Board Policy:  JHCAA – Gang Activity   Action.

ee.Board Policy:  JI – Community Activities   Action.

ff.Board Policy:  JQA – Temporarily Disabled Students   Action

gg.Board Policy:  JQE – Alternative Arrangements for Nontraditional Students   Action.

hh.Board Policy:  JQL – Hearing Procedures for Exceptional Students   Action.

ii.Board Policy:  JQLA – Class-size/Caseload Limits for Exceptional Students   Action.

jj.Board Policy:  KGDAB – Bullying by Parents   Action.

kk.Board Policy:  JDDB – Reporting Crimes to Law Enforcement   First Read.

ll.Board Policy:  JFCA – Early Graduation   First Read.

mm.Board Policy:  JGFGB – Supervision of Medications   First Read.

nn.Board Policy:  JH – Student Activities   First Read.

oo.Board Policy:  JJ – Employment of Students   First Read.

pp.Board Policy:  JQKA – Foreign Exchange Students   First Read.

qq.Board Policy:  JS – Student Fees, Fines and Charges   First Read.


Topic #1 – KASB Membership Dues/Legal Assistance Fund for 2016-2017:  The Superintendent recommends that the Board approve the KASB Membership Renewal and Legal Assistance Fund Service Fee from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017; dues in the amount of $11,126.00 and legal assistance service fee in the amount of $1,650.00; both to be paid from the General Fund and the 2016-2017 Budget, (no change from 2015-2016).


Topic #2 –  GPES Marquee Purchase:  The Superintendent recommends that the Board accept the bid from Daktronics to purchase a new marquee for Garden Plain Elementary School in the amount of $18,532.00; funds from GPES HSO ($10,000.00), Box Top money and building budget ($8,532.00).

    Bid #2   /   Bid #3


Topic #3 – AHS Hot Water Heater Replacement:  The Superintendent recommends that the Board accept the bid from TB Plumbing, LLC to remove and replace a 100 gallon commercial hot water heater at Andale High School in the amount of $11,880.00; funds from Capital Outlay.


Topic #4 – Purchase Chromebooks:  The Superintendent recommends that the Board accept the bid from Tiger Direct in the amount of $159,978.20 to purchase 830 Chromebooks with management licenses and 12 charging carts for the middle schools and high schools; funds from Capital Outlay.


Topic #5 – Board Information Requests:

F.  Miscellaneous Reports

      Financial Report April 2016        

      Petty Cash Report

      Credit Card Report

Mileage Report

G.  Executive Session

Personnel Matters for Non-elected Personnel, Privileged Attorney-Client Consultation, Negotiations, Confidential Financial Affairs, Student Affairs, Land Acquisition, Security of the Board and District

H.  Adjournment

I.  Future Meetings

      June 20, 2016 – Regular BOE Meeting, 7:00 p.m. @ the Renwick District Office



Tracy Bourne

Superintendent of Schools




BOE/May 16, 2016/Agenda