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Happy Fall!

Fall is here, and so are all the wonderful flavors that come with it!  Cinnamon, sweet potatoes, apples, squash; these are just a few of the flavors you will see on the menu this month.


With National School Lunch Week, and National Farm to School Month celebrated in October, we will be joining other schools throughout the United States in paying tribute to all the hard work our farmers do to provide wholesome, nutritious, and safe food for our tables.  On October 9-13, we will feature products produced here in Kansas on our menus, as well as some new menu items to showcase our kitchen staff and all their great talents.  


October 12th is National Apple Crunch Day.  This is a day to recognize local and regional apple farmers by crunching on an apple.  Apples will make up one of the fruits on the menu for the day to join in on the fun.


Last, but not least, we have a wholesome, Halloween themed menu for 10/31 to help fuel the students for their holiday activities.  We will feature Halloween shaped whole grain chicken nuggets, along with sweet and sour dipping sauce, asian vegetable blend, and rice.  The students can eat all of these items seperately, or combine them to make their very own rice bowl.  Baby carrots, choice of fruit, and low fat milk will balance out the meal.


Thank you for supporting our USD 267 Renwick School Nutrition Programs.



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