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Renwick Made

The story of a Renwick-educated student doesn’t end when they pick up their diploma. Graduation day marks the point where their true journey begins.

We’re looking for all successes — big and small. The journeys that began in a classroom at St. Mark’s, Andale, Garden Plain or Colwich Elementary schools and ended up in a dream job or opened the door to an opportunity to make a lasting impact.

Many of us know first-hand the countless ways a Renwick education enriches the life of  student and those around them. It’s time we shared those stories.

Let us know you’re Renwick Made by sending your name, graduation year, and a little bit about what your education has helped you achieve. Email information to:


Featured students:


Paige Albert     Paige Albert-Andale High School 2013

Howell     Travis Howell-Garden Plain High School 1998

Samantha Robinson    Samantha Robinson-Andale High School 2008

logo    John Dandurand-Garden Plain High School

    Abby Ungles    Abby Ungles-Andale High School 2008

    Donna Weninger  Donna Weininger-Andale High School 1989

    Don Gruenbacher    Don Gruenbacher-Andale High School 1985

    Keith Pauly    Keith Pauly-Garden Plain High School, 1967

    Emma Orth    Emma Orth - Andale High School, 2011