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Second Grade Storytown

Spelling City

Theme 1- Count on Me 

Short A

Short E

Short I

Short O

Short U

Short Vowel Practice - select correct spelling of word

Vowel Digraphs - select correct digraph to match picture

Chicken Stacker- click on the word with the correct short vowel sound

When Two Vowels go Walking - song

CVC CVC Maker - Word Play- Make words and put them on Word list, then read them back. and Word Match - Match word shown by using arrows by the letters.

Inflections (s, es, d, ed, ing) 
S or ES - choose correct spelling

ED or ING - choose correct word.

Suffix practice - more practice on s/es and ed/ing.

Ending consonant practice - for all letters.

Root Words - root quiz

Prefixes - quiz

Suffixes - quiz

Characters - Click on the different parts to create a character, then write a sentence about the character you created.

Sentence, Questions, Sentence Parts 
Proofreading Makes Perfect - Capital letters and end marks.

Grammar Blaster - Grade 2 skills

Maggie's Earth Adventures - Nouns and Verbs - Put the trash into the correct bucket, separating the nouns and verbs.

Sentence Clubhouse - Identify the type of sentence, then capitalize the sentence and put the end punctuation in place.

Theme 2 - Doing our Best
Vowels See Vowels Above 

r-controlled Vowels 
r-controlled game 1- find the r-contolled word that matches the picture

r-controlled game 2

Inflections- See Inflections Above
Compound Words 

Compound Words - Select the word that makes a compound word.

Compound Words - Drag and Drop to make compound words

Compound Words - Match the blue word with the red to form a compound word

Compound Words - Quia game

Compound Words - online interactive game

Compound Words - GetReadyToRead on-line game

Plot Sebastian Swan - read stories online and then answer questions
These are worksheets 
And Then... - Look at each picture, and then underline the sentence that tells what will probably happen next.

End the Story - Cut out the pictures on the bottom of the page. Decide which picture goes with each story. Paste the pictures on the page. Color the pictures.

What Will Happen Next? - Look at each picture. Draw what you think will happen next

Nouns, Plural Nouns, Proper Nouns 
Irregular Plurals - match the related words, singular to plural

Irregular Plurals - match related words, oes, os

Plural Nouns - add s or es

Theme 3 Changing Times

Review Phonemes- Phonics-Word Builder – Three dozen different combining sound activities are available in the following categories; abc’s, short vowels, long vowels, other vowels, beginning consonants and final consonants. Word parts are read individually, blended, and then followed by a sentence accompanied by an illustration. Ignore the registration screen that pops up, select Maybe Later to go directly to the activity.

Poem Pack - Ten colorful poems with animation, audio and activities - featuring Daisy the snail, the toad and the goat, and friends. Read it, Hear it, search for sounds, and find words concentrating on vowel blends.

See 'N Spell - Students click and drag letters into the box to spell the words that correspond to the pictures. A very good activity with many skills such as plurals, long vowels, short vowels, blends and digraphs.

Blending Dragon - Direct your dragon with the mouse and catch the globes with real words. Choose the phoneme that you wish to work with

Word Families - select the word family to practice and select the correct beginning consonant to match the pictures

Consonant Blends - find the blend that matches the picture

Beginning Consonant Digraphs - select the correct digraph

Paw Park: Sassy Seals - Match beginning sounds

Ending consonant practice - for all letters

Ending Digraphs - select the correct digraph ending

Long E/Y
Long E- Short E- interactive whiteboard activity

Long Vowels - poems and activities about long vowels and digraphs

Long E or U

Author's Purpose 

Author's purpose activity

Duck Von Fly- Choose the correct abbreviation





Possessive Nouns 


Softschool quiz

Possessive Noun Quiz

Possessive Noun Play

r- controlled Vowels see above

Pronoun Clubhouse

Quia- Pronoun Poppers

Quia- Jeopardy Game (1 or 2 players)

School House Rock Song SuperNova Sentence Puzzlers with Jupiter Jane (Pronouns)

Theme 4 Dream Big
Diagraphs and Suffixes 

Vowel Digraphs - select correct digraph to match picture

S or ES - choose correct spelling

S song - Without an S

ED or ING - choose correct word

Suffix practice - more practice on s/es and ed/ing

Short vowels- See Vowels 
Sadlier-Oxford Practice- Choose the correct spelling of the picture

r-controlled vowels- See r-controlled vowels
Similarities and Differences in Setting- Determine what makes different settings alike

Locate Information

Rats! Adjectives and Adverbs

Grammar Blast!

Interactive Whiteboard Activity- Picture of elephant- student list describing words and then write sentences (easily replicate in Kidspiration) SuperNova Sentence Puzzlers with Jupiter Jane (Adjectives)

Theme 5- Better Together
Vowel Dipthongs- 
See Dipthongs

Abbreviations- See Abbreviations

r-controlled Vowels- See r-controlled vowels

Prefixes - quiz

Harcourt: Book Buddy - tests knowledge of prefixes and suffixes. One or two players

Contraction Practice - Interactive contraction practice.

Contractions - Type in the contraction beside the two words.

Contractions - Matching game

Action Verbs 
Jupiter Jane- Primary (G1-3)

Jupiter Jane- Intermediate (G4-6)

Grammar Blast Verbs Game 1

Simple Present Tense

Subject and Verb agreement 
Word Viper - choose correct verb tenses, recognize correct verb forms, and recognize subject/verb agreement.

Treasure Hunt

Subject/Verb agreement Quiz

Past Tense Verb 
Past Tense Practice

Verb Tense Game

Getting the right tense quiz

Choose the Correct Verb Form

Choose the Correct Verb Form

Choose the Correct Verb Form

Choose the Correct Verb Form

Choose the Correct Verb Form

Forms of Be 
2Bee or NottooBee

The Verb 'to be'

Am, Is or Are

Theme 6- Seek and Find
Prefixes and Suffixes 

Vowel Digraphs - select correct digraph to match picture

S or ES - choose correct spelling

S song - Without an S

ED or ING - choose correct word

Suffix practice - more practice on s/es and ed/ing Prefixes

Irregular Verbs 

Quia Game: Irregular Verbs I Play this game by yourself or with a partner and test your knowledge of irregular verbs

Quia Game: Irregular Verbs II Try these Flashcard and Concentration games to learn more about irregular verbs

Irregular Verbs Quiz 1

Irregular Verbs Quiz 2

Irregular Verbs Quiz 3

Irregular Verbs Quiz 4

Look, See or Watch

Regular and Irregular Verbs Can you tell irregular verbs from regular ones? Complete these sentences on the whiteboard

Go for a Grammar Gold Play this quiz and try to get a grammar gold

Helping Verbs 
Helping Verb Test

Go for Gold- helping verbs

Type in the Contraction

Contraction Games Play these contraction games

Concentration/Matching Learn contractions while playing the Matching or Concentration game

Go For Grammar Gold Read the explanation of contractions and negatives, then try the interactive quiz

A Bed Full of Cats interactive quiz

Fly By Game Test your knowledge of contractions with this interactive game