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1st Grade Literature

Themes 1 & 2


Zac the Rat - Short A

Do these have a short a sound or not?

Chicken Stacker

 PBS list of tag games

Let's Tap!

Online clips of tap dance moves

Dancing with Gregory Hines

Make a word with an

Dance Creation Tool

Wag, Hop Hide!

Author Webpage with online poetry with pictures

Walk, Swim or Fly

Elmo Rhymes

Hop-A-Long Hopscotch - Interactive

Sad, Sad Dan

Arthur - About Face

Emotions Theater

All About Me

Sign a Song of Feelings

The Van

Buckle Up Song

Real or Make-Believe?

Real or Make-believe 2

Go, George Go - Problem Solving Online

People Movers

Transport Snap Game

Transportation Show

Arthur A to Z Highway Game


Miss Jill

Starfall - The Big Hit

The Story of Milk Virtual Tour

4-H Virtual Dairy Farm (mostly text)

Big Rigs

"ig" sound Starfall

Connect your students with truck drivers on the road


Theme 3

Lesson 10-Frog Gets His Song

Frog Songs and Poems

National Geographic Creature Feature - American Bullfrog

Froggy Phonemes

Diagraph Bingo

Soccer Song

Teacher Lesson Plan Idea: Soccer Spelling

Now You Know About Soccer

Soccer Video Clips

Lesson 11-Sit Scores

Olympic Cartoon Videos - Discipline, Teamwork, and Persistence

Starfall "R controlled O"

National Geographic Kids - Polar Bears

Starfall - My Horse Glory

Land of Ice

National Geographic Kids Emperor Penguin

National Geographic Kid Adelie Penguins

National Geographic Killer Whales

Antarctic Animal Scramble

Leopard Seal Crittercam

My Father's Feet

 Penguin Lined Handwriting Sheet

Cut and Paste Penguin Craft

Starfall - Penguin, Penguin

Lesson 12-Fox and His Big Wish

Starfall - /sh/ sound

The Fisherman and His Wife Folktale

The Wishing Tree 

/sh/ Quia Games 

King Midas and His Gold

Starfall Midas Touch

Gold and Money

State Quarters Website

US Mint for Kids Cartoons


Theme 4-Wild and Wonderful

Lesson 13-Rich Gets Big

Starfall /ch/ Sound

Starfall Story - Not Too Little to Help

A Butterfly Grows

Design Your Own Butterfly Online

Shelby the Butterfly

Live Butterfly Cam

Life Cycle Animation


Make Your Own Poem Magnetic Poetry

Animal Goes to School Poem

Lesson 14-Ann's Trip to the Stars

Starfall - Car Race /ar/

Starfall /ar/ Interactive

Moon trip Comic - Parts 1 and 2

Video Clip - Students Put on a Play using Shadows

Mark's Big Day

Online version of the Three Little Pigs

Putting on a Play

Starfall Three Little Plays

Reader's Theater Scripts for K-1

Lesson 15-A Quiz for Brent

Starfall /wh/ Sound

Don't Give Up - I Can Do It Tortoise and the Hare Starfall

Story Scramble

Mr. Rogers Tell Your Own Story

Tomas Rivera

Tomas Rivera Photo Biography Essay

Dot's Story Factory

I Need Your Help To Write a Story

I Can

I am Special Poems and Songs

Lesson 16-A Perfect Lunch

Starfall - r-Controlled Vowels

Starfall - Surfer Girl

Starfall - Word Sort r Controlled Vowels

Picnic Short Readers Theater 

One More Friend

Alma Flor Ada Author Web page

 What shapes do you see in these clouds

Shadow Casting Interactive

Good Friends

Enchanted Learning Friendship Writing Activity

Lesson 17-Jungle Fun

Consonant +le speed drill