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Welcome to the Food Service Department

     Research tells us that healthy behavior is based not only on knowledge, but on values, attitudes, and skills developed early in life. It is these formative years that offer parents, the community, and institutions a valuable opportunity to influence the development of healthy behaviors in children. The health of our children now and for a lifetime will not depend on spectacular medical breakthroughs, but rather on lifestyle choices they make. If we can provide our children with the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy lifestyle choices, we can dramatically reduce their risk of death, disease, and injury for a lifetime. This ultimately will reduce their personal health care risk as well as reduce the spiraling costs of health care. It could even help improve economic productivity. Armed with this information, it is imperative that all of us take action to encourage our youth to adopt healthy lifestyles. 

     Renwick USD 267 is committed to making sure that our students have the knowledge and skills required for making healthy lifestyle choices. In turn, a district-wide wellness plan was created by 15 Renwick employees and patrons. Goals in the areas of nutrition, nutrition education, and physical activity were developed to encourage our youth to adopt healthy eating and physical activity behaviors that will curb the increasing rate of overweight youth, as well as promote better health status to improve educational attainment.

     To help achieve each wellness goal in this plan, information about the Wellness Plan will be communicated in all future district and school newsletters. See a one page summary of the plan on this web page.

Food Service Update 9.10.20

Renwick Wellness Plan
One page summary 

Statement USDA Nondiscrimination

Lunch Menu   

Food ServiceEnrollment Packet   (available July 1)


Summer Food Service Program

 If you are interested in a place to get a free breakfast or lunch for your children, here is a website that you can go, to find a place near you.  Adults may eat as well, but you will be charged for your meal.  The ages are 1 to 18 years of age.  Go to  Go to the upper left side to the Nutrition Tab (do not click, just hover your mouse and a drop down box will appear.  Click on Summer Food Service Program.  In the Gold Section on the left, click on Locate Site Near You and scroll down to the site nearest you for information.


Eat Smart, Play Hard

     Please check out the Eat Smart Play Hard videos to learn healthy eating habits and physical activities for children or all ages.

Eat Smart Play Hard

Links to Good Health and Nutrition